As I understand the importance of maintaining the secrecy of your data, I take due care of it. I make it a point to protect the rights of people visiting my website. I keep your personal information absolutely safe and secured. I have created this privacy policy in order to protect all the necessary details.

When you use my services, I know you trust me in regard to your information security. My Privacy policy is to make you understand that whatever data I collect from you, is kept under total security and without your approval I do not share the same with any third party.

I hope, the policy mentioned below is read carefully and taken care of for future endeavors in regard to

What I collect from you?

  • Your name
  • Your contact details along with email address
  • Your demographic data
  • Your interest and preferences
  • Other information applicable for any customer surveys

What I do after gathering information from you?

I require to understand your prerequisites to offer you better service. The reasons behind this are as follows:

For internal records.

I would use your data to improve my services and products.

Your information would help me to send you promotional news/ emails about my special offers and new products.

Later, I may get in touch with you for market researches. I may try to reach you either over the phone or sending you mails through email and/ or fax.

Safety and Security

I would like to make sure and ensure that all your data and information will be in safe hands. In order to avoid disclosure or unauthorized access, I have certain security measures to safeguard your data.

Use of cookies

Cookies are some small files which need to get installed on the hard drive of the users with their permission. As soon as the user agrees to it, the files get added and help analyze the web traffic. Role of cookies is to allow the web apps respond to each individual user. They hold a fair amount of information, specific to individual user and website, which can be opened from the client computer or the website server.

Overall, cookies are useful to both the website owners and users. It helps me to provide the users a better website. This process also enable me to monitor the pages you find to be both useful and less useful.

As far as the acceptance or denial of installing the cookies, it remains in the hand of the users. There are browsers that accept the cookies automatically, but there are times when users can modify their browser setting in order to decline cookies.

Controlling personal information provided

There are ways from where you can choose to limit the collection/ use of your personal data.

Each time you are requested to complete a form available on this website, ensure that you search for the box that you can check to show that you don’t want anybody to use the information for direct marketing purpose.

Initially if you have agreed with me to use your personal data for any direct marketing requirement, then you have the option to change it further by forwarding me an email in this regard.

You can be rest assured that I will never distribute, share or sell your personal details to third parties without your confirmation. If at all any information that I am holding is incomplete or incorrect, please email me immediately.

Details of your Credit/ Debit card

The debit/ credit details provided by my users in regard to payment is required for the processing purpose. There is no provision for storing data/information at my end. I make sure that whatever data is collected from my users are confined within the highest level of security.

Change in policy

Please note that the privacy statement is subjected to change. If there is any update or change in policy, the website will be updated with immediate effect that can reflect the changes. This is why I recommend the users/visitors to go through the sections as briefed here for their right understanding.


Whoever is submitting their personal/private information to my website will be liable of accepting the terms mentioned here. For any kind of queries, users can get in touch with me any time.