Pricing (2019)

Consultation Free on Email, Fee for client visits: LKR 3,000.00 (up to 20 kilometers) LKR 6,000.00 (up to 30 kilometers) and LKR 12,000.00 (up to 50 kilometers) (Travel based from Wattala). This fee is reduced from the final bill when the client goes ahead with the project.

.lk Domain – LKR 3,450.00/year.

.com Domain – from $0.99/year.

Other TLDs – from $12.99/year.

Shared US Hosting – from $60.00/year.

Cloud Hosting – from $120.00/year.

Managed WordPress Hosting – from $180.00/year.

Premium Cloud from $960.00/year.

Dedicated Hosting from $3400.00/year.

Premium CDN – from $20.00/month.

Free CDN

EV SSL – from $199.50/year.

Wildcard SSL – from $427.95/year.

Free SSL

Free SSL 2

Premium Theme frameworks – from $50.00/year.

Builder license – from $59.00/year.

Premium WordPress themes – from $29.00

Premium WordPress plugins/scripts – from $19.00

Premium SEO – from $200.00/year.

Premium WordPress Security – from $100.00/year.

Premium Cache – from $50.00/year.

Booking Engine – from $400.00/year.

Post-launch support – from LKR 1,000.00 per instance or up to 1 hour.

Monthly Maintenance plans – from LKR 3,500.00/month.

Yearly Maintenance plans – from LKR 24,000.00/year.

Analytical Reports – from LKR 3,500.00/month.

Website Audit (WordPress) – from LKR 25,000.00

SEO Audit (WordPress) – from LKR 35,000.00

WordPress design – from LKR 30,000.00 (Landing page)

Squarespace design – from LKR 50,000.00

Ecommerce flagships – from LKR 600,000.00