Why I don’t offer website packages anymore?

1: The options available to clients/customers of a web designer or agency are enormous. Technologies, design styles and required features shift so quickly that a one size fits all approach is a huge red flag. If you can get a quote without giving much (or any) information on the needs, walk away, then and there.

2: Most clients/customers don’t know what they want. Just about every single client I’ve worked with has been surprised when I’ve suggested one of a few basic features – they simply didn’t know they existed. Things like a social media feed, interactive maps – pretty simple stuff. Web Designers/Developers should be experts in being able to pinpoint clients needs.

3: It ties a designer up to a fixed price, with no options. If I listed an Rs.50,000, an Rs.100,000 and an Rs.250,000 site, I’ve ruined my chances if you need an Rs.500,000 value website, but have your heart set on an Rs.50,000 budget. There’s no way that’s working, so one of us will be very unhappy.

4: I can’t reiterate point #1 enough – a website is not a fixed price!

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