My Process

In order to provide the best websites for clients, there must be a unique fusion of technology and design. I have fine-tuned a process that fosters this tight-knit integration, and gives me the flexibility to adjust my strategy to each project. My approach is intuitive and responsive, fostering positive relationships and generating quantifiable change through aesthetic designs and quality solutions.

Stage 1: Analysis

I begin by getting to know your organization. In the initial meeting, we discuss your goals and expectations. I will then analyze that information, and explain how it will fit into my creative approach. I will wrap up this stage by creating a blueprint complete with potential dates and deliverables to act as a guide throughout the rest of the process.

Stage 2: Design

Let’s start putting your ideas to work. After the initial meeting, I will have you complete a design questionnaire where you can express the specific details you want on your site. I will then start creating the look & feel of the site based off the information provided in the survey. You’ll be given various opportunities to provide feedback to ensure that the site is being designed to your expectations.

Stage 3: Development

Once the look and feel is confirmed, I will start making the website a reality. I will build the framework, and start incorporating the content and design from stage 2. When I think I have a finished product, I will run tests for functionality and present the final site.

Stage 4: Launch

Upon approval, I will get ready to launch the site! I will wrap up the project with basic training and a phone consultation to get you familiar with your new website. Though the project ends here, I won’t set you on your own completely just yet. I will be on standby for a post-launch period to offer additional support if needed.