Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress hosting is a premium service where all technical aspects of maintaining WordPress is managed by the host. I take Managed WordPress a step further by providing my clients with great custom solutions; some include front-end and back-end updates, malware and security scans with mitigation and subscription analytical reports.

The primary features of Managed WordPress include security, speed (cache and CDN), automatic core and asset WordPress updates, daily backups (30 days or weekly), website uptime (100%), and scalability.

Managed WordPress hosting offers a completely hassle-free experience, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

All Managed WordPress Website Plans Include

-Mobile-first, responsive and bespoke design
-Dynamic pages with or without premium page builder
-Opt-in and contact forms integrated with Email list builder CRM
-Free Landing Page worth $249.95 for Basic and Premium packages
-Free Disclaimer, Privacy and Cookie Policies
-GDPR compliant (US, EU or US & EU)
-Performance and demographic insights
-Fast, optimized pages with lowest page size for A grading on performance sites.
-Monthly Analytical Reports
-Daily Backups
-Malware scans and mitigation
-Premium Support
-Premium on-site SEO (value from $89/YE.)

Contact Travis for more information on Phone International (94) 767 342642 or Email [email protected]